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State of the art
User EXperience,
Design & uSABILITY

For software applications in measurement technology,
Life science and gaming

Image by Alvaro Reyes
Nowadays it is no longer enough to develop technically perfect software.
She has to solve the right problems of the target audience and at the same time be intuitive, engaging and  be easy to use so that it can assert itself in the market. 
Das ist auch ihre Meinung? Dann kann ich Ihnen wahrscheinlich bei der Umsetzung ihrer Wünsche und Erwartungen in ihrem nächsten Projekt helfen. 


From user problem to perfect UX
This is how we design the perfect user experience for your users based on their individual requirements

Measurement Instrument
X design

Anton Paar GmbH - laboratory measuring devices
UX and UI design for embedded software and desktop applications for operating high-precision measuring devices


Skills Lab - high-tech soccer training system
UX and UI design for the HUD of the 360 ​​° projection as well as for the software for controlling the training system



Bongfish GmbH - World of Tanks cooperation
UX and UI design for different in-game and meta-game features of the online, free to play game World of Tanks

No good experience with external designers?

With 10 years of experience as an in-house UX designer, I am familiar with the challenges and complexity of in-house software development and know how to successfully integrate existing processes, guidelines and "legacy" into the project.

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