Leisure project

Deeper work

Time tracking

Timetracking software is now a dime a dozen - we still develop our own. Our vision is a simple application without tracking setup and management and with the help of which the user learns over time to plan and organize his working hours more effectively (catchword Deep Work, Pomodoro technique).
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
  • The simplest possible time tracking without setup or settings

  • Integration of deep work and Pomodoro technology feature to optimize your own working hours

  • Easy transfer of tracking data to common time logging applications (SAP / Jira)

My Contribution

  • Conception and design of the software

  • Planning and execution of the Lean UX process

  • User testing; Evaluate user feedbak


  • Nobody needs any more time tracking software

  • Creation of an MVP to test ideas and concepts around the USP Deeper Work and Pomodoro technology.

  • Leisure project problems (no time and sometimes no desire)

01 - Define the problem

Which problems do we want to solve for which customers?

02 - hypotheses

How do we think we can solve our users' problems? Which features could bring the greatest success with little effort at the beginning?

03 - MVP Planning

What is the easiest way to verify these hypotheses? What does the minimal viable product have to look like so that we can obtain initial feedback?

04 - conception

Creation of first interaction concepts for the first MVP. Selection of the technology and the necessary frameworks.

05 - MVP Building

Creation of a simple, fully functional, web-based time tracking MVP to easily test Deepwork, Pomodoro technology and export features with as many users as possible

06 - verification

We are currently verifying initial hypotheses on the subject of time tracking and working time optimization with the help of our prototype and some helpful test users who have meanwhile integrated the app into their everyday work and regularly provide valuable feedback.

Next Steps
04 - conception

Revision and expansion of the existing concepts based on the feedback obtained

05 - Expand MVP

Creation of new hypotheses and corresponding expansion of the MVP

06 - UI design

Gradual detailing of the design of successfully tested screens and concepts

Image by Shapelined

What else is there?