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Creating added value with UX design

Do you want to offer your users intuitive software with a modern design and the best possible user experience? I support you according to your needs in all areas of the UX design process.
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Your first UX project?

You don't have any experience in UX and user-centered software design, but want to develop more usable applications in the future?
Together we plan and realize your first user-centered software project!

Support for professionals

The project backlog is overflowing, you know exactly what you want and need additional UX design man power for the implementation?
I adapt my workflow to your processes, offer a fresh, external perspective and actively contribute suggestions for improvement.
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My process

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1 - Research
Problem framing
Definition of the target group and the problems that are to be solved for this target group.
4 - Prototyping
Usability testing
Idea generation, definition of scope and selection of metrics to measure the success of the feature.
7 - Production
Elaboration of the final, detailed design, provided that the user testing was successful.
2 - Research
Research of the context of use, the competition and the current status of the application.
5 - Prototyping
UI design
Creation of interaction concepts, flows, MVPs and click prototypes.
8 - Production
Creation of the developer and design documentation including all assets.
3 - Research
Record the company goals and the planned results of the application.
6 - Prototyping
Review and verification of the concepts and prototypes by means of user tests or expert reviews.
9 - Porduction
Dev support
Design support in implementation and quality control.
Sounds exciting, but you still have questions or are not sure whether it is the right thing for your project? Then let's just talk about it and find out!
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in one week from the idea to the tested prototype

With the Google Design Sprint Workshop to success
Do you want to rely on homemade innovation in the future? With the internationally successful Design Sprint Workshop developed by Google, I will guide you through a resource-saving process that will help you evaluate and implement innovative ideas more quickly.
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Google Design Sprint

A design sprint is a four-day intensive workshop in which we focus on a product idea or problem solution. The result is a high-fidelity prototype that has been tested with your future users.
Based on the feedback received, we know whether it makes sense to continue with the development or whether changes to the concept are necessary before more time and money is invested in a complex implementation.


day 1
In close cooperation we define the requirements for the prototype and generate as many proposed solutions as possible
Day 3
On the third day, the high-fidelity prototype is created and during that time everything is prepared for the user tests
day 2
We organize all ideas and choose one that will be implemented as a prototype. Then we create detailed designs and interaction processes
Day 4
We test the prototype with real users, process the results and define the next steps based on the feedback
Would you like to know more about the Google Design Sprint? I am happy to answer all questions in a non-binding initial consultation